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Motor Exclusive is the ultimate online portal into the world of today’s ever changing auto industry. Bringing you the latest news and events from the every major automaker, Motor Exclusive is the only site of its kind to offer you a truly user friendly atmosphere focused on your information and entertainment.

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We have been the preeminent force in auto industry news since 2011 and our auto reviews and spy photos are the most searched on the internet. When you need the latest motor news, information on upcoming auto shows and an all-inclusive car gallery, visit Motor Exclusive, we’re just a mouse click away!

Motor Exclusive Delivers

There are many sites that say they deliver the goods, but only Motor Exclusive has the auto news, auto shows and spy photos to back it up. Our writers have built a solid reputation in the industry for bringing you the latest, most up to date auto industry news around. We ask the hard hitting questions and won’t stop until we get the answers you need.

What’s coming down the assembly line next? We know and we’ll share it with you right here on our website. Are you looking for your next new car? Chances are, we have the auto reviews you need to make a more informed decision when you arrive at the dealership.

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Don’t think we have forgotten about the tuners out there; we have sections dedicated to car tuning, electric, concept, complete with HD car galleries and the highest quality car videos on the internet. Browse our site and see what we are all about; we guarantee you’ll come back often. For all of the auto industry news, spy photos and motor news you can handle, visit Motor Exclusive today and stay informed!

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