Porsche Pajun Project Previewed

Love fast cars? Looking forward for fresh news from the auto industry? Well if you do, then you most certainly are a Porsche fan. Curious to know how the secret Pajun project is evolving?

Get ready because we have fresh news for you. It seems that the Pajun is inspired by one of the companies well known models, the Panamera. More to the point, in one of the official renders showing the upcoming Porsche Design Tower Miami there’s a “mini Panamera” model . It is said that the car could preview the rumored Pajun.

Porsche mini Panamera render

Porsche mini Panamera render

However this is not by far the final versiont of the Pajun. Production version has been pushed way back to 2019. And by then important changes regarding the car’s design might be operated. For instance for now as far as the car goes taillights look like the ones on the 911 996.

Regarding the Porsche Design Tower Miami more detailed information are available. The building will be 198 meters (650 feet) tall. It will have no less than 60 stories and a total of 132 units (“with expansive living balconies”).

As far as space usage goes the building will have three car elevators and 2 to 4 garages per unit. The construction is set to be finalized in 2016.

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