Porsche 911 Hybrid Planned

Porsche has big plans for the future and and among other daring ideas they include a 911 plug-in hybrid.The information has been made public by Bernhard Maier, Porsche’s global sales and marketing boss.

Maier stated for Automotive News that although the company is seriously considering a 911 hybrind and ideas are not few up until now none of them has managed to reach production.

2012 Porsche 911

2012 Porsche 911

In order to sustian his idea Porsche’s global sales and marketing boss also added that “the 918 Spyder shows that Porsche has the capability to produce very convincing hybrid sports cars”.

Asked if he truly believes in the hybrid technology Bernhard Maier said „absolutely. People are beginning to understand that with a plug-in hybrid they have the ability to be totally flexible [in terms of range and performance] while having their own filling station for electricity at home or at the office, which is really convenient”.

Maier also provied important information rearding Hybrid markets stating that these cars are mostly bought in countries where governments subsidize models that reduce pollution.

As far as the ovarall market for Porsche goes, Maier added that sports cars are bought by „people that have met their requirements for a four-door sedan and an SUV”.

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