How to Save Gasoline: 8 Recommendations for Drivers

Rising fuel prices force US drivers to search for new ways to save on gasoline. And the main question is whether it is even possible? The practitioners from Indy Auto Man, Indianapolis, explain that fuel consumption depends on two series of factors: the technical serviceability of the car and the conditions of its operation. Read their expert tips on saving gas and cutting expenses on fuel.

Driving Style

Accelerate smoothly and maintain the optimal speed for your car. High speeds and hard accelerations are not an option if you strive to save fuel.

Do not press the gas pedal hard. Every time you do this, fuel consumption increases tenfold. The optimal number of engine revolutions is 2-2.5 thousand.

Short trips with a cold engine increase fuel consumption too, so if you need to drive a small distance, it is better to warm up the motor in advance or give up driving in favor of walking. It is good for health and saves gasoline.

Quality Fuel, Coupons, and Discounts

You should not save on gasoline or diesel fuel quality. It is better to refuel in a network of stations where you are provided with quality certificates.

The octane number, which differs in different brands of gasoline, also matters. Therefore, by filling in the fuel with 87th octan level instead of 90th, you can increase consumption by 20-30% and, as a result, spend more money on refueling.

You can also save at gas stations (or networks) if you have certificates or discount cards for filling a full tank. Another option is to purchase large lots on prepayment if there is a place to store fuel or an option of keeping that volume reserved for you on the station.

Route Planning

Sometimes it’s better to drive a longer route than to be stuck in jams at dozens of traffic lights. Therefore, if you are commuting, for example, to work during rush hour, it is better to think over the route and view maps on any online service that shows traffic congestion. In addition to getting there faster and avoiding traffic jams, you also reduce your chances of getting into an accident.

Reduced Aerodynamic Drag and Extra Weight

Excess cargo in the trunk, on the roof, and in the cabin increases the engine load, respectively, and fuel consumption will be greater. Take only necessary things and revise the luggage compartment before long trips.

The fit of the car is also vital. The higher the drag coefficient, the greater the fuel consumption. This indicator is influenced by the shape of the car and open windows. Read more about the

Switching off Additional Devices

If the weather permits, it is better not to use the air conditioner, heater, and rear window heating. Pay attention to the timely shutdown of the headlights since high-power lamps additionally load the generator, and it, in turn, increases fuel consumption.

Fill a Full Tank and Preferably at Night

It is better to fill a full tank to cut the number of visits to a gas station. Also, many drivers in the warm season refuel in the early morning or late evening when it is colder. The fuel density is higher at lower temperatures. And you will fill in at this time a little more than in the heat.

Tire Pressure

Studies show that lowering the pressure in all four tires by 0.1 atmosphere increases gasoline consumption by 2-3%. Therefore, it is indispensable to monitor the pressure constantly. It is better to inflate tires according to the upper bar indicated by the car manufacturer.

Timely Inspection

Maintaining a car in good condition extends its life and reduces fuel consumption. For example, if the air filter is not suited or clogged, the engine must overcome additional resistance. Watch the wheel alignment, spark plugs, and the condition of the engine and brake systems.

If there are extraneous, non-specific knocks or noises for a particular engine, you need to reveal the cause. Of course, if you are thinking about how to save money and reduce gas mileage, you can try to find the reason yourself. However, modern engines are very complex, and it is difficult to identify the problem without an experienced auto mechanic. Those who need qualified assistance with service, maintenance, or repairs of any model in Indianapolis, are welcome at .  

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