Japan’s Lexus is ready to innovate the hybrid car world with the new Lexus CT200h

Hybrid cars did not appear for a long time in the world market, but have enjoyed a huge success among consumers, especially among lovers of the planet. The New York Motor Show, the Japanese from Lexus shows a hybrid car model Lexus CT200h made with Fox Marketing Company. This new model has a more than attractive design and is preparing to break the car market, while protecting the environment.

Lexus CT200h full view

Lexus CT200h full view

The engine car has a capacity of 1.8 liter equipped with a Eaton compressor which is designed to help the engine to handle the car’s 300 horsepower. Fuel consumption on this car in the combined mode is only 3.8 l/100 km which extremely small. Also in the “small” chapter we can include emissions of CO2 which are only 87 grams per kilometer when running in combined mode and have the value 0 when the car is in electric mode. This hybrid reaches100 km/h in 10 seconds and can reach a top speed of 180 km / h, a decent speed for a normal driver, without speed mania.

In chapter design, this model gets 20 inch wheels and a reddish color that sticks out called “Cinnamon Carizzma”. The dark headlight glass is what gives the car an appearance of both business and youth.

Lexus CT200h engine Lexus CT200h inside Lexus CT200h rear

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