Audi`s Electrifying Leap – Pioneering the Production of Electric Motors in Győr

Audi Production of Electric Motors for PPE 1

Győr, Hungary –  Embracing the Future of E-Mobility In a move towards the future of transportation, Audi has begun manufacturing electric motors for the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) in Győr, Hungary. This marks a moment for Audi, highlighting its dedication to innovation and sustainable automotive solutions. The compact and efficient electric motors produced in Győr […]

2024 Lancia Ypsilon All-New Electric Teased Ahead Unveiling Next February

2024 Lancia Ypsilon Teaser Images 5

The Lancia Ypsilon, a city car with a heritage spanning over twelve years, is on the verge of a unique evolution. Excitement fills the air as Lancia offers a glimpse into the future presenting the much-anticipated all-electric 2024 Lancia Ypsilon, next February. The first teaser introduces us to the Edizione Limitata Cassina, a limited-edition model […]

Introducing the Skyworth Skyhome – A Stunning Electric Sedan Redefining the Art of Travel

Skyworth Skyhome Exterior 8

China`s Skywel,l renowned for its expertise in electronics, ventures into the realm with the Skyworth Skyhome – a sedan that pushes beyond conventional boundaries. Exterior – A Fusion of Elegance and Innovation The exterior design of the Skyhome exudes a captivating blend of innovation and elegance. In a world dominated by lines, the Skyhome stands […]