Review: 2023 Jeep Avenger Small-Electric SUV


The US-based car manufacturer Jeep is well-known for its rugged off-roaders and wanted to take a bold leap with the recent introduction of the Avenger, the company`s inaugural electric SUV for the European market. The review below delves with the car`s distinctive features and might be quite helpful in deciding whether the Avenger might be considered a revolutionary small electric SUV in terms of design, well-crafted interior with cutting-edge technology, and powerful performance under the hood.

Exterior Appeal – Combining Functionality with Style

Developed within the Stellantis family alongside models like the Peugeot e 2008 and Vauxhall Mokka Electric, the Avenger possesses its distinct character in the company`s lineup. While it may not share all the off-road capabilities of its Wrangler counterpart, it does compensate with a city-friendly design, easily making itself recognizable. Boasting 200mm of ground clearance and off-road driving modes, it still carries a touch of Jeep’s spirit even if its primary focus is streets.

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Powertrain and Performance – Navigating Through Urban Environments

The Avenger leads Jeep’s foray into a new realm as it features an electric motor configuration that delivers 154bhp in ‘Sport’ mode. Though this might seem modest compared to the engines found in other high-end Jeep models, its electric powertrains offer inherent torque which ensures nimble and responsive city driving. Furthermore, there are plans to introduce a new motor with an all-wheel drive variant in 2024, that will enhance off-road capabilities for those seeking adventurous journeys. For individuals who’re not yet ready to embrace electric mobility, there will also be an upcoming option with a 1.2-litre petrol engine, as an alternative choice.

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Interior with High-Tech Comfort and UConnect Infotainment System

Step inside the Avenger and you’ll immediately notice its high-tech comfort. The interior takes inspiration from the top-tier Jeep Grand Cherokee., as it features the UConnect infotainment system. It’s equipped with an instrument cluster that adds to its futuristic vibe providing an ergonomic interface, with quick and responsive feedback. To add a distinctive touch, Jeep’s design team has hidden ‘easter eggs’ throughout the interior embodying the spirit of the brand. With its lifted suspension, this SUV ensures a smooth ride on roads filled with potholes. Additionally, Summit models come with wheels to maintain a driving experience.

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When it comes to choosing a model from the Avenger lineup in the UK market, you’ll find that affordability meets luxury. The first edition of this electric SUV is priced at £36,500 and it directly competes favorably in terms of pricing with counterparts like the DS 3 E -Tense and Peugeot e-2008. As Jeep expands its Avenger range, its plan is to introduce variants that will appeal to a wider audience.

Range Charging Capabilities and Running Costs

The Avenger comes equipped with a 54kWh battery (with 51kWh usable) which provides a range of up to 248 miles on a single charge. While it slightly trails competitors like the Kia Niro EV in terms of range capacity, it compensates by featuring an energy heat pump that ensures around 220 miles in chilly conditions.

Access to a 100kW DC charging system allows for a 20-80% charge in 24 minutes while a 7kW home wall box offers a more cost-effective alternative with a charging time of around four and a half hours. The Avenger ensures efficiency without compromising on performance, keeping running costs in line with vehicles.

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When it comes to choosing between petrol options, Jeep understands that every driver has preferences. That’s why they have introduced a petrol variant with a 1.2-litre engine, priced at £26,000. This dual approach aims to cater to an audience accommodating those who might not be ready to embrace the electric revolution just yet.

Final Thoughts

As we showed in this article, the all-new 2023 Jeep Avenger is indeed a genuine electric small SUV which embraces electric mobility without sacrificing its exquisite character and offers a thrilling driving experience from the city streets to off-road adventures.

With a competitive price point, the promise of future versions and a range of exquisite features, the 2023 Jeep Adventure remains a compelling choice in the electric SUV market; it thus signals a new era where every journey is an extraordinary adventure.

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