Abarth 500e Convertible Is a One-Show Electric Mobility

Exterior – A Burst of Vibrant Colors and Stylish Design

The 2024 Abarth 500e Convertible is about making a statement, especially with its eye-catching Poison Blue color. This hue sets it apart from other electric vehicles (EVs) on the road. True to Abarth’s legacy of high-performance models, this combines the perfect flair with an open-top design, promising an exhilarating electric driving experience.

Abarth 500e Convertible Turismo 1

Interior – A Harmonious Blend of Luxury and Comfort

Once you step inside the Abarth 500e Convertible you’ll be welcomed into an interior that seamlessly blends luxury and comfort. The sports seats, crafted with a combination of leather and Alcantara materials, offer a tactile experience that resonates with the brand’s performance heritage. The Alcantara-clad steering wheel adds a touch of luxury to your driving experience while highlighting the balance between style and substance.

Abarth 500e Convertible Turismo 8

Mechanics – Honoring Abarth Legacy with an Electrifying Twist

Beneath the hood lies the technical foundation inherited from the Fiat 500e Convertible – a 42kWh battery pack paired with a front-mounted motor. However, Abarth takes it up a notch by amplifying both power and torque outputs to deliver 152bhp and 235Nm, respectively. Now, get ready for impressive acceleration, as this electric vehicle delivers an exhilarating drive infused with Abarth performance characteristics.

Abarth 500e Convertible Turismo 14

The Abarth legacy is enhanced by a longer wheelbase resulting in a focused chassis setup, for an aligned driving experience.

Driving Experience – Energetic and Agile

When it comes to performance, the 500e Convertible delivers a well-balanced driving experience. The revised steering, along with the Alcantara finish offers a substantial sensation. It boasts a grip that allows you to confidently maneuver corners. While not exceedingly powerful in terms of acceleration, the 500e Convertible provides a ride with controlled throttle and brake responses. The suspension system strikes a balance by handling road imperfections while departing from the unruly behavior of its predecessor.

Abarth 500e Convertible Turismo 6

Tech Feature – Abarth Sound Generator

One feature is the Abarth Sound Generator which aims to replicate the distinctive growl of petrol-powered Abarth 695s. Although activating it may be slightly cumbersome and its integration with the roof could be bothersome at speeds, it adds an element to your driving experience. Abarth’s venture into simulated engine noise represents an approach that has its peculiarities but occasionally contributes to the enjoyment factor.

Practicality – Compact and Restricted

In terms of practicality, it must be acknowledged that the Abarth 500e Convertible takes a seat. The back seats are most suitable for children and the trunk space is understandably small in the convertible version. When the rear seats are lowered, you can achieve a cargo space of 550 liters. The narrow opening restricts what can be carried. Since the focus is on providing an exhilarating open-top experience, compromises in cargo space are to be expected.

Abarth 500e Convertible Turismo 15

Convertible Roof – A Clever Design

The electrically sliding roof gives front seat occupants a sense of being “open to the elements.” The clever design adds to the appeal of the convertible by allowing an amount of natural light into the cabin.

Range and Charging – Something to Consider

In the world of electric vehicles (EVs), the right mile range becomes an important factor. The Abarth 500e Convertible offers a range of 150 miles which may vary depending on real-world conditions. Recharging at speeds up to 85kW allows for a refill to 80 percent in thirty minutes. However, considering its range, long journeys may not be ideal for the 500e Convertible.

Abarth 500e Convertible Turismo 7

Price – A Premium Offering

The allure of owning an Abarth 500e Convertible comes at a cost compared to other options. The Abarth 500e Convertible is quite a choice, with the Turismo version exceeding £41,000. It’s important to consider this cost especially since the entry model at £37,000 may seem appealing. The overall expenses might raise concerns due to its compact size and limited cargo space.

Final Thoughts

In the realm of electric vehicles, the Abarth 500e Convertible for 2024 brings forth a proposition. It prioritizes style and driving experience over considerations embracing charisma rather than objectivity. While it may deviate from EV expectations with its engine noise and unconventional Poison Blue exterior charm, it still manages to bring joy and put a smile on your face despite its premium price. As Abarth embarks on a bright future, this convertible demonstrates the brand’s dedication to injecting fun into driving.

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