Optimization of car rental business

Car Rental Software

The European car rental market continues to flourish thanks to the inexhaustible flow of tourists, the growth of population, stabilization of the economy and increased incomes of citizens. Such favorable conditions don’t guarantee that the company will flourish. Numerous difficulties connected with the fleet maintenance and customer service can affect the success and profitability of […]

Your Questions about Car Leasing Answered

Over the last five years car leasing has seen significant growth in the UK market for consumers. While PCP still dominates new car purchases, with around 80% share, PCH is growing at a faster rate and is the closest resemblance to a usership not ownership model synonymous with the future of mobility. But although car […]

How to Clean and Restore Headlights (DIY Guide)

With use and over time, the plastic headlight covers on your car can get foggy and hazy. This can affect your visibility especially while driving in low light conditions. They can also project higher beam light towards the oncoming traffic which can blind them too. Cleaning and restoring the headlights improves the visibility and makes […]