How to Prepare Your Ford for Spring

There’s no denying that spring brings out the best in us. We’re eager to get out, clean up and do new things. Spring cleaning shouldn’t just be limited to your home; preparing your car for a new season is equally as important. The effects of a long, harsh winter can wreak havoc on your vehicle, thanks to the lethal combination of salt, snow, and ice. Here are some things you can do to prepare your Ford for spring.

Take Care of Your Undercarriage

The part that we can’t see is usually the worst. takes a serious toll on the underside of your car. While it may seem harmless, if not properly taken care of lengthy exposure to these elements can cause corrosion and rusting, leading to serious long-term damage.

So be sure to make cleaning your undercarriage a priority. How can you do this? Take your car to a car wash and ask them to include an undercarriage power wash. It might cost a little extra, but this simple task will greatly reduce the long-term damage resulting from an unwashed underside. If you’d like to do this yourself, just spray with water from the hose. No need to use soap or any kind of chemical treatment.

Don’t Forget About the Rest

The undercarriage isn’t the only thing that needs cleaning. Your next step is to open up the hood of the car and clean the engine block. You can do this yourself by using a car washing mitt and warm soapy water. There might be dried leaves and other debris in there, so remove them before starting.

Other places where rust can set in is the bottom of your car doors. The impact from the salty roads means grime accumulates in these areas. If not thoroughly cleaned, they will begin to rust. Next, clean the inside of your car – the floor mats, the upholstery, the dash, the exposed vinyl or leather. Don’t forget the trunk either!

Wiper Blades for the Rain

There’s nothing worse than being caught in a spring rain storm only to have wipers that do nothing. Your winter wipers have been through hell, especially with ice and snow build up when parked. The average lifespan of a windshield wiper is , so inspecting them after winter is a great way to determine what shape they’re in and if they need to replaced.

Tire Check

This is generally the one thing most people remember to do, but once winter is gone for good, it’s time to switch those radials out for summer tires. If your tires are all-season, make sure they are rotated (this is usually done when you go for an oil change). Some other housekeeping things : check the tire pressure, in order to maintain proper inflation and longevity of your tires.

Battery and Filters Check

A good thing to get into the habit of is inspecting and cleaning your battery. If there is white corrosive build up, wipe it off. You can use a stiff toothbrush and baking soda mixed with water to do this. You can also have your battery checked for free at an auto parts store. You should also check your air filter and change it according to your car manufacturer’s recommendation. Dustier areas will require a more frequent change.

Your car is now ready for spring! So get out there and enjoy all the weather has to offer without having to worry about the health of your car.

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