Mercedes Working on Bespoke Project

Just one more day until Santa Clause comes. And preparations for Christmas are almost done for everyone. Even if regular people are getting ready for their holidays things seem to be different in the auto industry.

From workers to engineers or PR professionals everyone seems to want to be Santa’s messenger and deliver news on the great gifts that might be available.

Mercedes Concept Coupe SUV

Mercedes Concept Coupe SUV

A passionate driver that dreams of owning his own bespoke, but can’t currently afford one now? No reason to be sad as Mercedes is currently working to developt a special car that is just perfect for drivers that are willing to pay to feel special. And you have years to save the money!

Since the future is represented by electric vehicles Mercedes specialists are known for being fast. So is that the company is currently working to develop special unique features. No less than four Ecoluxe-based models of cars are expected to be developped by the company. Most likely the first car to be launched will be a coupe that will produce no less that 544 PS (400 kW).

Even though no extra details are currently available it seems that Mercedes is willing to invest no less than €2 ($2.4 /£1.5) billion for the project.

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