Review: 2024 Aston Martin DB12

In the world of excellence, Aston Martin has again captured our hearts with the mesmerizing 2024 Aston Martin DB12. Regarded as a perfect creation from Aston Martin, this Super GT model exemplifies their unwavering commitment to delivering unmatched beauty and exceptional driving performance. As we explore the intricacies of this masterpiece we discover a harmony between strength and sophistication.

Exterior – A Visual Delight of Contemporary Magnificence

The DB12 embodies brilliance on four wheels. Honored with the Golden Steering Wheel Award for being the most stunning car in existence, this Aston Martin exudes elegance even on the dreariest days. Its elongated and curvaceous bonnet conceals a powerhouse that tantalizes with its performance capabilities. The exterior isn’t a shell; it’s a symphony of graceful contours and sleek lines that elevate the visual allure, staying true to Aston Martins’s legacy of crafting breathtaking automobiles.

2024 Aston Martin DB12 2

Interior – Where Opulence Meets Craftsmanship

Quilted Leather, Premium Materials, and a Touch of Classic Charm

Stepping into the cabin is like entering a realm where luxury intertwines with craftsmanship. The roof adorned with leather demonstrates Aston Martin`s unwavering dedication to quality standards.

2024 Aston Martin DB12 6

The quality of the materials is truly remarkable showcasing the attention given to every detail. The combination of a touchscreen and classic knobs and switches strikes a balance between contemporary style and nostalgic charm. The cabin’s aesthetics are pleasing, enveloping you in an atmosphere of sophistication that proves the DB12’s beauty extends beyond its exterior.

Mechanics – Unleashing Power on the Road

Underneath its sculpted exterior lies a powerful beating heart – a twin-turbo V8 engine with 671bhp sourced from Mercedes AMG and expertly tuned by Aston Martin. The performance of the DB12 is not just about numbers, it also offers a visceral experience. Each acceleration is accompanied by an exhilarating exhaust note creating a symphony of power that resonates with every press of the throttle. The eight-speed ZF gearbox adds precision to enhance the driving experience, making gear shifts an absolute pleasure. The steering is both agile and reassuring, allowing the DB12 to navigate corners with grace despite its size.

2024 Aston Martin DB12 5

Driving Experience – Unleashing a Super GT

With extraordinary capabilities on the road, it’s no surprise that the DB12 is labeled as a Super GT. However, like any car, it has its quirks.

2024 Aston Martin DB12 4

The car’s remarkable agility is surprising considering its size allowing you to effortlessly navigate bends. The brakes are impressively powerful although the pedal modulation at high speeds may feel slightly uneven. However, while the ride is exhilarating, it can be a bit tiring on surfaced roads due to tire noise that might affect a peaceful cruising experience. As for the seats, they offer an experience at best – a trade-off made in the name of design and performance.

Technology – A Blend of Modern and Classic

Bespoke Touchscreen with Traditional Switches

While the bespoke touchscreen represents progress, some technological aspects feel a bit outdated compared to competitors. The interface is intuitive, yet it requires a connection for Apple CarPlay lagging behind wireless setups offered by others. The assortment of switches and knobs adds a touch of charm although touch-sensitive pads on the steering wheel might not be as user-friendly. Early models showed some glitches highlighting the importance of perfection, especially considering its starting price of £185,000.

Final Thoughts – A Work of Art in Motion

The 2024 Aston Martin DB12 is a combination of elegance and power resulting in a stunning masterpiece in motion.

Although it has quirks and imperfections, this Super GT is a true testament to Aston Martin`s dedication to creating exceptional automobiles. Whether you’re captivated by its award-winning design, mesmerized by its engine, or enchanted by the blend of luxury and craftsmanship it offers, the DB12 goes beyond being just a means of transportation, it offers an experience of sheer elegance and driving bliss.

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