Audi brings to market the smallest SUV produced by them called Audi Q3 and is ready to break the sales with a German quality car

Audi is presented the world car market by SUVs known as the Q5 and Q7 models. At the Shanghai Motor Show, the German company presents a new model of SUV to compete with rivals like the BMW X1, Range Rover or Toyota RAV4 Evoque. This new model, called the Audi Q3 SUV is the smallest Q-series four-wheel drive, thing that brings performance pluses.

Audi Q3 full view

Audi Q3 full view

The sizes, smaller than the Audi Q5 (4.39 mX1, 83mx1, 60m), gives to Audi q3 a very low aerodynamic resistance coefficient of 0.32. Its weight is only 1500 kilos due to lightweight materials from which most of the car body is built. These two elements lead to lower fuel consumption which is the advantage of the German model.

About the technical side, Audi Q3 has a 2-liter engine is available in four variants: two working with petrol of 177 and 211 horsepower, which is has a Quattro permanent all-wheel drive, and two diesel of 140 and 177 horsepower, which can be purchased also with front wheel drive.

In conclusion, the smallest SUV Audi Q-Series is ready to enter the world market to carry on the reputation of its predecessors

Audi Q3 presentation Audi Q3 side Audi Q3 up

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