Audi Q6 all-electric SUV Teased

Themuch awaited for Audi Q6 all-electric SUV has been teased for the very first time. Car fans all over the world now have reasons to be happy as the car maker has made in important step in promoting their new Audi Q6 all-electric SUV at their anual press conference.

Curious to know what the car will look like? Well the company has kept this aspect a secret so far. However it is known that on the outside the new Audi Q6 all-electric SUV will take after the Prologue concept.

Audi Q6 teaser image

Audi Q6 teaser image

Most likely the car will be launched sometime in 2017. As it is known by now the new car is designed to be a strong competitor for famous brands such as BMW and Mercedes. More to the point the new Audi Q6 all-electric SUV will compete with BMW X6 and Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe.

As far as technical specifications go the new Audi will be based on the same platform as the Q7. Most likely the car will use an all-electric powerplant that will have a range of 293 km (185 miles) by just a single charge.

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