2015 Hyundai JP Edition Sonata Unveiled Before 2014 SEMA

Great news for Hyundai fans all over the world. 2015 Hyundai JP Edition Sonata was revealed ahead of it’s scheduled debut. The unveiling of the car was supposed to take place this November at the 2014 SEMA.

Uncovered ahead, the car turns out to be a great surprise not only for drivers, but also for simple car fans. The new Hyundai comes with 19-inch RAYS wheels with Toyo tires, sport springs, a custom wide body and lip kit by LTMW, KW coilovers and bespoke LED headlights.

2015 Hyunday JP Edition Sonata

2015 Hyunday JP Edition Sonata

Yes, describing the exterior of the 2015 Hyundai, we have no choice but to use the word sporty. It is what best describes the 2015 Hyundai JP Edition.

Changes made to the 2015 Hyundai don’t just cover the exterior. As we watch closely improvements are all over. List counts a MagnaFlow exhaust system and engine modifications such as the AEM cold air intake, Bisimoto hot charge pipe.

Even though the car has been revealed ahead, some mistery was still kept by the producers. In the absence of photos showing the interior of the car, fans will have to wait for the 2014 SEMA to know all details. One thing is certain though. The car has been carefully equipped with an Alpine sound system Recaro Cross Sportster seats, custom seat brackets by Bisimoto and Katzkin leather upholstery.

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