New Skoda Felicia Envisioned

The much appreciated Skoda Felicia now has a succesor. Super good news are availbale for car fans all over the world. Curious how that happened ? Well the very talented artist Theophilus Chin has put his skills to good use and designed a beautiful version of the Skoda Felicia. The imagined car is based on the Superb.

The first edition of Felicia has appeared on the market in 1959. The car benefited from a plastic roof and a 1.1-liter engine.

Skoda Superb Convertible rendering

Skoda Superb Convertible rendering

Basically though rumours about Skoda plans reagarding a new Felicia have circulated nothing is yet official. As far as the car’s aspect goes we can state without any mistake that it is all about vision and inovation.

The new Felicia envisioned by Theophilus Chin is basically a two-door roofless vehicle. By far the superb design stands out as the car is very stylish.

Skoda Superb Convertible rendering

Skoda Superb Convertible rendering

As far as the companies history regarding roofless cars goes we can say that Skoda relased a roofles vechicle on the market a long time ago. Basically the company went ahead of famous brands such a Volkswagen.

Image credit: Theophilus Chin

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