Morgan Car Fresh Teaser Image

Just a few days before the official launch Morgan has decided to tease it’s new model again. Thus a new photo of the car that will premiere at the Geneva Motor Show has been made public.

As a reminder that car has been teased before in a video that not only allowed us to listen to the roaring engine of the new Morgan but also see two leather sport seats with substantial bolsters. As it is known by now the mysterious model is based on Aero Coupe or on Aero Supersports.

Morgan car teaser

Morgan car teaser

As we can see from the current image the car keeps a familiar aspect. Curious to know what else is on the impress arsenal list?

Well the new mysterious car produced by Morgan has a familiar front end with round headlights and large radiator grille. At the moment no further details are available but this much is sure.

Morgan car teaser

Morgan car teaser

Judging by the image available we can state that the car will simply be fabulous looking. Most likely information regarding the underhood arsenal of the new ca will be made public in several days.

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