Citroen creates a very pleasant French design which is also extravagant and daring for the new model DS5

Citroen Company is best known for his famous C series. For some time, the Company launched the DS series displayed by DS3 and DS4 models. This new series is characterized by a bolder and more aggressive design, by a new step into the future made by Citroen. These models are popular for innovative designs, for their usefulness in everyday life, the latest technology and many other elements that make driving a pleasure. Now Citroen is ready to present the new model at the Shanghai Motor Show, Citroen DS5.

Citroen DS5 full view

Citroen DS5 full view

In building cars, Citroen relies on “Creative Technology” concept, which is illustrated at its true value only now when DS5 model was built. This is a peak of innovation, a true marvel of design that creates new feelings and new pleasures for the driver. This new model leads us to think of a Gran Turismo.

The car body is totally aerodynamic and surprises pleasant through a combination of fluid lines and strong shapes. Immediately the front part identifies the car as al DS model through the chromed grille and oversized air intake already classic for this series.

The seats of a coupe are combined with the total design that belongs to a Gran Turismo. The control panel is well structured and easy to handle. Steering wheel has a large center. Overall this car is everything a driver could you wish for in terms of design. It remains to be seen whether technical properties are to the same level.

Citroen DS5 abover Citroen DS5 back Citroen DS5 interior

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