P4/5 Competizione gets Glickenhaus and Ferrari a record

Those of you who’ve not heard of James Glickenhaus might not feel sorry for it but there’s something undeniable about him, he’s a true Ferrari nut.

Some have even associated his desire to work alongside Ferrari on their cars, even their finer ones, with the passion Enzo himself had for them.

Ferrari P45 Competizione

Ferrari P4/5 Competizione

His latest project is the racing version of his one-off Ferrari P4/5 Competizione. They’ve been hard at work on it and it all shows.

Willing to put it all on the line, American movie maker turned investor decided to take the P4/5 Competizione for a quick lap round the infamous Nurburgring race track.

The result is actually quite impressive for a gentleman driver. Though a lot of the credit is the car’s he managed to set a record lap time around the Nordschleife.

Ferrari P4/5 Competizione

Ferrari P4/5 Competizione

Having managed a 6 minutes 51 seconds lap, he’s now driving the fastest Ferrari to ever go round the Green Hell, edging out the 599XX by 7 seconds.

He may be a gentleman driver and not a professional racer but he can certainly outrun a qualified Ferrari test driver.

Getting back to the Ferrari P4/5 Competizione, underneath it’s a racing version of the Ferrari F430 Scuderia. Essentially, it’s as fast as the previous mid engined Ferrari will ever go.

Ferrari P4/5 Competizione

Ferrari P4/5 Competizione

No wonder it managed to finish the 24 hours of Nurburgring in 12th place. Maybe with some of the quicker drivers it could have gone beyond the top 10 place.

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