Kia K9 is poised to attack

Believe it or not, Kia do make an exclusive car. It’s called the K9 and it was launched earlier this year on the South Korean market.

Much like the Hyundai Genesis, the K9 is a large luxury sedan that comes with just about everything an executive may require.

Kia K9

Kia K9

The only things missing are a few details here and there. More importantly than that, there’s no posh badge on the back of it.

Kia aren’t put off by the downsides of such a vehicle and seem to want to sharpen its claws even further. The Korean market may be up and running but they don’t intent to stop with there.

Next up for a Korean attack is the USA. May not be my best piece of wording but you get the general idea. The K9 is going overseas.

Kia K9

Kia K9

Officially, the Korean company claims that at the moment it’s still in the evaluation phase of the US market rather than actually trying to enter.

That said, various publications from around the world say different things. The Kia K9 was already spotted testing in California and the British even have word of what it might be called.

When it crosses into the US, the Kia K9 can’t retain the name which reminds us all of what they refer to as a dog over there can it?

Kia K9

Kia K9

Nope, the Americans don’t eat dogs like the Koreans do so the flagship limo from Kia will likely be called the Cadenza.

Sounds a tad Italian and perhaps the stereotypes will help sell it off. The BMW looking exterior should help as well.

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