Porsche 918 on Hold

Great news coming from Porsche management. Like super fast cars? Love inovations? Looking forward to see what Porsche engineers have in store for the future?

Then it’s time for you to know that it’s all about novelty. Recently Porsche CEO Matthias Müller has hinted at the posibility that the company might build a brand new jewelry. Magic is supposed to come from a mid- engine supercar. However nothing is yer certain as bad news came.

Porsche 918 RSR concept

Porsche 918 RSR concept

It seems that the model still hasn’t been approved for production. As a refresher the car was envisioned to battle the Ferrari 458 Italia. As far as it’s namen goes, the new car was rumoured to be called the 960 or 988.

Recently the comapany insiders have offered fresh news on the daring model. It seems that the project has been put on ice so Porsche can focus on more pressing issues.

Curious to know what is on the list of priorities for Porsche management? You might be pleased to know that their list counts developing plans for improving the next-generation Cayenne, the Panamera and introducing a new range of engines and transmissions.

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