2015 Chrysler 300S Coupe Imagined

Great encouragement for Chrysler. The company might as well expand it’s offer as X-Tomi Design imagined a brand new car. We reffer to an all fresh and inovative version of the 2015MY Chrysler 300. X-Tomi Design envisioned it and called it a “coupe.

Though looking stunning the car is not a regular coupe. Wonder why? Well as you can see the roofline isn’t sloped enough at the back so essentially it’s a two-door sedan. However, even so the car envisoned by X-Tomi Design might look just great in the Chrysler lineup.

Chrysler 300S Coupe render  X-Tomi Design

Chrysler 300S Coupe render X-Tomi Design

As far as Chrysler plans go the 300 next – generation model is set to arrive sometime in 2018 . Even though officials state that Chrysler’s design will be easy to recongnize, the car is expected to bring more stringent fuel economy standards via a more aerodynamic shape.

Coming back to the new ensivioned design though it might seem that the new design is more the result of an playfull act of creation, the car might actually be necessary for Chrysler.

More to the point, spicing up the range seems to be needed as right now the company is selling in United States only the Town & Country, 200 and 300 models. And since Chryslewr designs are quite fabulous, converting the 200 or 300 models into coupe versions just might be the trick that gets sales up.

Image Credit: X-Tomi Design Blogspot

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