Ferrari FXX K Goes Roofless

Fantasy is probably one of the most important things when it comes to the auto industry. While we can not contradict you if you tell us that it’s all about looks, speed and money none of this would be possible if were not for fantasy, or better yet, someone’s capacity to imagine something bold that no one has ever seen before.

And in case you are a Ferrari fan you will be more than happy to find out that one of their jewelry has suffered some big changes.

Ferrari FXX K Spider

Ferrari FXX K Spider

We refer to the Ferrari FXX K that has been redesigned. To be specific the work only took place on paper and still the rendering is quite fabulous and we can easily say that freshly ensvisioned the Ferrarri FXX K looks stunning.

Curious to know everyhthing about the rendering? Well the art work shows us a Spider version of the Ferrari FXX K rendered by Evren Milano.

We remind you that no less than 40 units of the model will go into productions and the car is rumoured to be as fast as it gets. To the point, the FXX K ran Fiorano circuit five seconds faster than the LaFerrari.

However the new imagined car will most likely never be built. Currently Ferari is workng on a Spider version for LaFerrari.

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