Ford Mondeo ST Rendered

Like Ford cars? Love novelty in the auto industry? Well as you know reality can never keep up with imagination. And this is sometimes a reson for sadness as some envisioned cars look just spectalur but will never be seen roaring on public roads.

Recently Ford Mondeo linup has suffered some changes. This is digital ones since it’s necessary to say that artist Theophilus Chin gave his best while redesigning the model mentioned. The result is quite fabulous as Ford Mondeo has been converted into an ST sport.

Ford Mondeo STFord Mondeo ST

Sincer power is always an important plus when deciding to buy a car it might be worth mentioning that the fourth generation Ford Mondeo runs on a 2.0 EcoBoost with 240 HP (177 kW).

While we are already used to daring models coming from X-Tomi Design it has come high time that we get blown away by Theophilus Chin’skills.

Ford Mondeo ST

Ford Mondeo ST

Let’s take a closer look at the car and see how the list of novelties looks like. The fresh envisioned Ford Mondeo has a modified front bumper and carbon fiber additions and also larger wheels. New fog lights and a new bumper with a quad exhaust system complete the impress arsenal.

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