Audi A6 Confirmed

Fresh and exciting information coming for Audi fans all over the world. The end of the year comes with important news for fans that are waiting for the company’s lineup to get even more exciting.

And there is nothing better like news regarding a new car to spice things up a little and keep fans waiting for the moment of truth, the car launch.

Audi Prologue concept

Audi Prologue concept

This being said it’s hight time we tell you that that great news comes from the very top of the campany and it regards the long awaited for Audi A6. New details have been offered by Audi’s head of design , Marc Lichte.

But first let’s take a look at what we already know about the new Audi A6. As far as aspect goes the car will take much after the Audi Prologue concept. Sound familiar? Let us remind you that the car has been launched at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Though not many details have neen uncovered this much is certain. The car will ride on the MLB Evo platform. Q7 is another model of the Audi lineup that runs on the same platform. Though the A6 might be powered by an engine similat to it’s sibling the Q7, the car is promised to lose some weight.

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