2016 Honda Pilot Teased

The much awaited for 2016 Honda Pilot is no longer a mystery. The company has made public a teaser sketch showing the much awaited for car. The new Honda Pilot has been developed by Honda R&D Americas in Los Angeles and Ohio.

As far as news available so far state the car will be officially unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show and will go on sale this very summer. Most likely the car will be manufactured in Lincoln, Alamaba.

2016 Honda Pilot teaser

2016 Honda Pilot teaser

As far as impress arsenal goes, under hood news is fabulous. The new 2016 Honda Pilot wil run on a V6 3.5-liter direct-injection engine that will offer an output of 310 bhp (231 kW). The car will also benefit from the latest array of Earth Dreams technologies.

The new generation of the Pilot has been described by the company as a “completely reengineered and redesigned” model. Space will be an important issue about the car as it will fit no less than eight people.

Though the sketch shown is quite mysterious and dark we can state that most likely the new Pilot will have an inovative design that will make it more desirable.

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