Aston Martin Vulcan Teased VIDEO

Aston Martin Vulcan has been teased. The company recently released a video showing the much awaited for car. As far as information available so far about the car go the model will be released officially at the Geneva Motor Show on March 3rd.

Aston Martin Vulcan has been developped as a serious competitor for McLaren P1 GTR and the Ferrari FXX K. The exclusive car will only be available in 30 units.

Aston Martin Vulcan

Aston Martin Vulcan

As far as Aston Martin Vulcan goes list of mysteries has not been cleared. Basically at the moment it is certain that the Aston Martin Vulcan will be a track only model. Curious why we say this?

Well the huge rear wing and the beefier body with side exhausts come to confirm out statement. Not only this but Aston Martin Vulcan will look sportier as it will benefit from an extensive use of carbon fiber and a stripped out interior cabin.

And last but not least, maybe the greatest news of all. Under hood arsenal sounds good as the car will run on a V12 engine. Most likely Aston Martin Vulcan owners will be trained to drive the car in special races.

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