Rolls-Royce Crossover Confirmed

Roll – Royce has announced that they will produce a crossover. At the moment no information were given about the lanuch date of the new car.

However the company offered stunning news that come to confirm that traditions can be changed at any moment and companies that have affirmed by producing certain models of cars can cross the border form classic to daring.

Rolls - Royce Wraith

Rolls – Royce Wraith

Rolls-Royce Chairman Peter Schwarzenbauer and Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes have announed via a letter that the company is busy working on a new model.

Actually the car has been described as having “exceptional presence, elegance and purpose.” Even though the two bosses never mentioned the word crossover to describe the model the company is working on they wrote that it will be a “high-bodied car” that can “cross any terrain.”

But not anybody will be able to afford that car that is promised to be luxurious as all Rolls- Royce models are. Curious to know what more is on the list of things that will make the new crossover a dream car?

Well as the duo informed the car will be “worthy of carrying the Spirit of Ecstasy into the future.” And one more important thing is to be said. The new Rolls will ride on an all-new aluminum architecture.

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