Audi Q1 Launch Date Confirmed

The new Audi Q1 release date has been revealed recently. Special information regarding the long awaited for model have been offered by the companies chief Rupert Stadler. In light of the latest good news is seems the car will be launched in 2016.

As far as technical details go the full list hasn’t been disclosed, but it is known by now that the Q1 will run on the MQB platform. It is also known that the car targets basically young buyers and comes with a refreshing daring design. Not only this but the Audi Q1 will pretty much take after the Q3.

2016 Audi Q1 teaser

2016 Audi Q1 teaser

The new car will have the same engine lineup and a similar size. But list of novelties sounds good as the new Q1 is expected to come with standard front-wheel drive and an optional quattro system.

So far it is rumoured that the model will soon go into production and it seems the Audi teams will have to speed things up as the market requests for cars that meet the Q1 standards seem to be increasing.

The new Audi Q1 will be built in Ingolstadt, Germany. A range-topping SQ1 version is expected sometime in the future. The car will be a plug-in hybrid variant of the Q1.

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