Tesla Moves Towards Breaking Speed Records

Tesla is known for a lot of things, but speed hasn’tnecessarily one of them until now. Porsche recently premiered their fast and luxurious new electric car, the Taycan, Tesla CEO Elon Musk was quick to come back with a rebuttal. He said shortly after the new Porsche model broke the record for electric car speed […]

Tesla Model X Spied

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X has been spied recently. The beautiful car has been caught on camera and the images of it come to bring important information on the car’s aspect. Tesla Model X was photographed near the company’s factory located in California, while it was undergoing testing. According to the producers the car will be launched […]

New Tesla Model III Confirmed

Tesla Model III

Tesla Motors will launch an electric sedan called Model III, which will be smaller than the current Model S. It will hit the market after Model X, Tesla’s SUV that is slated to enter production next year. The new car will supposedly have a range of over 200 miles per charge and any Model III […]

Tesla Model S has first delivery

Tesla Model S

Recently a major day for the EV car, and particularly the car maker Tesla, passed by as there was a first delivery event in their life. The Freemont, California assembly line hosted the first opportunity for a Tesla Model S handover. Literally. This is because we’re not dealing with a standard delivery. There was no […]