Infiniti to unveil new EV concept in New York

Nissan’s luxury division is cooking up a new EV concept which they plan to unveil at the New York Motor Show early next month.

Don’t think Infiniti is going to come up with a tweaked version of the EmergE supercar. Though they’re cooking up a new sports car, it’ll be totally different.

Infiniti EmergE Concept

Infiniti EmergE Concept

Well, the wedge shape and flowing lines that speak of Infiniti’s new design language might show us some similarities but the differences are overwhelming.

For a kickoff, this new Infiniti EV will not be a blend of sporty exotica with hipster like technology bursting out of every pore.

Its origins are somewhat more humble as it will be based on the same platform as the Nissan Leaf.

Infiniti EmergE Concept

Infiniti EmergE Concept

Nobody wants a sports car that looks as innocent as the Leaf and Infiniti is well aware of that. They promise things will be, once again, different.

Expect an aggressive looking package and though we don’t know much about the interior yet, this will apply on the two main fronts.

The exterior will look properly sporty and the drivetrain will be able to give you a proper kick in the backside.

Infiniti EmergE Concept

Infiniti EmergE Concept

Predictably, in these conditions, the Leaf’s 24 kwh lithium-ion battery simply wouldn’t cut it. Infiniti will provide a new juice box which remains to be announced at the show.

The cherry on top of the whole deal is the fact that this new Infiniti EV concept will eventually spawn off a production model. That sounds pretty awesome for us, not so awesome for cars like the BMW i8 and Acura NSX.

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