Infiniti G37x S joins the ranks

Infiniti models, or the world’s most exclusive Nissan products, have just gotten a new unit to join the ranks. It’s called the G37x S.

While it doesn’t sound exciting, it almost certainly… well, isn’t really. It’s a simple addition to the lineup.

Infiniti G37x S

Infiniti G37x S

In its defense, it’s the sort of change that could make a product a lot easier to live with so it does make an actual difference.

The Infiniti G37x S now gets the all wheel drive option, something that until now has been limiting to the GT model range.

So in the future, owners of the G37x S will be very pleased to drive their cars in the winter without too much of a difference.

Infiniti G37x S

Infiniti G37x S

There’s a bit of a problem though. What Infiniti is giving with one hand, is taking away with the other. Remember those GT Infiniti G37 models we mentioned earlier?

Those will only be offered with rear wheel drive in the future. That’s kind of disappointing for AWD fans but given Infiniti’s tight attitude towards power and drive trains it’s understandable.

The Infiniti G37X S will hit the UK market first with a price of £38.979 with the rest of Europe soon to follow suit.

Infiniti G37x S

Infiniti G37x S

Other than that we’re still getting the 320 horsepower 3.7 liter V6 engine, the 7-speed automatic transmission and familiar performance figures.

It takes the Infiniti G37x S 6.0 seconds to go from 0 to 62 mph and its top speed is the same 149 mph as before.

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