Volkswagen Caravelle goes to Business school

We don’t live in the 1960s anymore, the Volkswagen brand is definitely not something that is aimed at the people any more but this is crazy.

Who’d ever think the popular German brand would end up making an exclusive version of one of their commercial vehicles. In other words, what we’re dealing with now is a posh van.

Volkswagen Caravelle Business

Volkswagen Caravelle Business

No, it’s not a rebirth of the Volkswagen Camper van but tweaked up version of the VW Caravelle they call the Business edition.

This will be the new top of the range version of the Caravelle lineup and the name will easily point to the sort of customers it’s aimed at.

According to the press release, the whole point of this trim line is to utilize the vast amount of space inside it in order to create something of a mobile conference room.

Volkswagen Caravelle Business

Volkswagen Caravelle Business

The toy list includes cruise control, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, satellite navigation, 6.5 in colour screen, 30GB hard drive and a lane change assist system.

Obviously businessmen aren’t really the sort of people who can do without an image boost so there’s the addition of 17 inch alloy wheels, LED daytime running lights and tinted rear lights.

When it comes to the interior, the Volkswagen Caravelle Business edition gets some serious updates in the seating options and it’s all covered in Nappa leather upholstery and burr wood inserts.

Volkswagen Caravelle Business

Volkswagen Caravelle Business

There’s a 2.0 liter TDI diesel under the bonnet with 180 horsepower and some decent torque level but I’m seriously trying to wonder about who’d pay some 86.500 USD for a van and then worry about fuel economy.

Oh yeah, you didn’t think VW would make something aimed at business men and not charge them “what it’s worth” did you?

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