Skoda Superb Final Render

One final rendering of the brand new Skoda Superb has been made. The car is expected to be officially launched this month. A lot of miysteries surrounding the new Skoda have disappeared once we have found out that it is mostly based on the Volkswagen Passat B8, a much more refined and more expensive car.

Under hood arsenal sound promising as by now it is known that the new Superb will have all the essentials of a VW Passat. List counts the same engine lineup, gearboxes and FWD & AWD layouts.

Skoda Superb Render

Skoda Superb Render

In comparison to the current Superb, the new car draws attention via the special design. In technical terms, the car will be 20 mm longer and will benefit from a wheelbase that has shrinked with 80 mm. Not only this but the new Superb is expected to go on a diet. The car will be 75 kg (165 lbs) lighter than it’s predecesor.

As far as the aspect of the new Skoda Superb goes, we can state that the car is big enough to satisfy all tastes. Actually the model is destined for drivers that place practicality one step ahead of special design.

For what the interior of the car is concerned, everything will be kept inside the lines, as the new Skoda Superb will benefit from designs specific to Volkswagen.

Image credit: WorldCarFans

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