The Future Formula 1 Car Rendered

The future Formula 1 car has been envisioned recently. It seems Ferrari engineers have been working hard to design a car that is not only fast but that will be super good looking and that will make us think about a no speed limit future.

And just by looking at the special renders in the images we can state that Formula 1 aerodynamic department gave it’s best.

The Future Formula 1 Car

The Future Formula 1 Car

As far as aspect goes the future Formula has a dinamic design. The car has a double wing and the sculpted body ends with an angled rear wing. As since it is all about the perfect fit the drivers helmet mixes nicely with the future Formula 1 car’ s body.

And the images we see here dont’s show just a Ferrari idea. More to the point it seems that all race car makers are aproaching a change in style. And one thing is for sure, the future racing cars will be daring and appealing.

The Future Formula 1 Car

The Future Formula 1 Car

Most likely the new style will become official soon as the matter is to be discussed at a meeting of the Formula 1 commission

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