The entry–level Range Rover Rendered

The entry – level Range Rover has been digitally imagined. Much awaited for by car fans and mostly by Land Rover competitors the model is now out. At least on the internet where the render has been posted. The entry-level Range Rover has been imagined by the Hungarian artist X-Tomi Design.

As a reminder the vehicle has quite a particular name as it is called the Stormer. The entry – level Range Rover is based on an already well known and liked model, Suzuki Vitara. Curious to know how far the resemblance between the two cars goes?

Range Rover Stormer

Range Rover Stormer

Well t’s time we tell you that the entry – level Range Rover has the same silhouette and side profile as the Vitara. But no reason to be concerned as changes are present too.

The new Stormer comes with new alloy wheels, tinted headlights and a new radiator grille. The artist has explained that in his view the two cars pretty much resemble on the front side and that this is the reason for which the car has been rendered in this manner.

We end with one important detail as we have to tell you that the entry-level Range Rover model has never been imagined before.

Image credit: X-Tomi Design.

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