Ferrari F12 Speciale Seen Without Camouflage

Ferrari F12 Speciale has been photographed recently. The images showing the superb car is causing quite a stir on the internet. As car fans all over the world already know the car will make it’s official debut during the Frankfurt Motor Show.

This is not the first time that the superb Ferrari F12 Speciale has been caught on camera showing off without camouflage. And all we can do is remain speechless as the new Ferrari is simpy breathtaking. It seems that just like the first time the car has been seen at the Ferrari factory in Maranello.

Ferrari F12 Speciale

Ferrari F12 Speciale

As known by now the new Ferrari is expected to be 200 kg (441 lbs) lighter than the F12 Berlinetta. Magic will be present under the hood of the car as the new F12 Speciale will run on a V12 engine that will give 760 bhp (567 kW). The gorgeous model might take the 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) sprint in just 3 seconds.

In order to make your waiting period more joyfull we will provide you with some interesting information regarding the Ferrari F12 Speciale arsenal. The car comes with a quad exhaust system, the redesigned bumper, a small rear spoiler lip and a third brake light integrated into the lower part of the bumper.

Thus feature list for the superb Ferrari sounds just perfect considering there is yet much more to be revealed.

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