4 Junk Car Scams to Avoid

Now that you’ve made the decision to get rid of your junk car, it’s time to find a company to take it away. While it’s easy to be leery about the process as a whole, there are a lot of good companies that will and provide you with unmatched service, too. Take the necessary steps to avoid these 4 scams and ensure you are working with legit junk car buyers.

Shady Businesses

Do not sell your old car to an uninsured, unlicensed, unbonded junk car removal service. Independent haulers will likely give you a lower about of money for the car that you should get if you worked with a licensed car removal service – you may even get a fake check for payment. View the businesses website, check out its social media pages, and read online reviews so you can guarantee authenticity and learn about how the business treats its customers. These are all good indicators of whether or not this company is one you want to do business with.

Bait n’ Switch

If you have researched ways to know it’s time to junk your car and determined it’s time to part with yours, you probably are curious how much money it is worth. Once you have agreed on a price for your car, don’t let the business change that amount on you later. Get a quote verbally and in writing and don’t sway from that amount once it’s agreed upon. Ensure you work with a company that will give you the cash you were quoted and deserve and read up on before you put that money down on a different car.

Failure to Transfer the Title and Registration

If you don’t transfer the ownership of the car to the junkyard or it’s not done correctly, you may incur liabilities and be charged a range of offences such as parking violations. Even if you no longer own or possess the car and it’s been hauled away, a title that hasn’t been transferred still technically means that you own the car. Avoid this pitfall by choosing a reputable car buying company that will ensure the title is transferred correctly.

No Immediate Payment

If a business tells you a check will be coming in the mail instead of giving you one on the spot, it’s a red flag so don’t do business with them. Never let your junk car out of your sight without a check or cash in hand. After the title is signed, the car is no longer yours and you may never see the money for it if you don’t collect it in person.

Scams are perpetrated on victims every day in the industry, so know the warning signs to help you avoid making mistakes that will cost you. The process of finding trustworthy junk car buyers can take some time, but if you handle things to the best of your ability on your end you can make sure scam artists don’t trick you. The good news is that there is a plethora of great business owners out there who are eager to do business right and will pay you the maximum value for your vehicle.

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