2018 Nissan 370Z Kicks Off with Slight Updates

Nissan`s infamous 370Z should have been put to sleep many years ago according to some “specialists,” but the technicians from the Japanese carmaker have figured a way to revive the car`s image. Thus, they recently introduced the new 2018 model, now available at £29,185.

The all-new model is likely to be a real disappointment to those expecting some major changes – perhaps a completely new design language and more powerful engines under the hood.

The reality is different however. There are just a handful of tweaks, here and there around the body and inside the cabin, that make it stand out compared to the previous model. Even so, it may become appealing to customers in time.

Visually, the all-new 2018 Nissan 370Z has received the gorgeous Red Metallic body wrap and massive 19-inch alloys – black door handles, dark-tinted lights or black rear bumper fascia – elements that enhance its sporty look.

Inside, the cabin welcomes you with a seven-inch touchscreen for the company`s new Connect Premium infotainment system, satellite navigation, rearview camera or DVD player.

We too expected some new torque under the hood, but unfortunately, the model disappoints with the same “rusty” 3.7 liter V6 engine, churning out 328 horsepower. The positive aspect is the new EXEDY high-performance clutch manual transmission as standard, or the optional seven-speed automatic. The first one provides impressive gear shifts, especially since the new model is equipped with the Syncro Rev Control.

Hopefully, if everything goes according as planned, we should expect a totally new car next year, with a fresh look and new powertrains. Meanwhile, enjoy what you have got before your eyes!

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