Ferrari 488 GTB Speciale Rendered

Ferrari 488 GTB Speciale is now one step closer to reality. The super car has been imagined by Cavalino Design. Not only this but two images of the great design have been made public to bring the model closer to fans all over the world.

As a reminder we must state that a lighter yet faster version of the 458 Italia has already been released by Ferarri. Called 458 Speciale the super model has been introduced at the end of summer in 2013.

Ferrari 488 GTB Speciale

Ferrari 488 GTB Speciale

Technically the car has been modified so that it ran on a aspirated V8 4.5-liter that gave 605 HP (445 kW) at 9,000 rpm. All of this while the model lost important weight as it was 90 kg lighter.

But back to our jewelry let’s state that the 488 GTB was presented last week online. The super car runs on a 3.9-liter that provides 670 HP (493 kW) and 760 Nm (560 lb-ft). Basically we can asume that the 488 Speciale will offer even more power.

Ferrari 488 GTB Speciale

Ferrari 488 GTB Speciale

And since crazy power goes hand in hand with daring desing, we must state that the 488 GTB Speciale birngs some changes of shape. List counts aerodynamic side skirts, vented hood and front fenders, a beefier rear, additional vents, carbon fiber spoiler lip, prominent diffuser and four exhaust tips.

Image credit: Cavalino Design

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