Skoda Superb Release Date Confirmed

The new Skoda Superb will be officially unveiled in just a few days. More to the point the car will be revealed on February 17, according to the company’s representatives. As a reminder the car has been described by the producers as the “best Skoda ever”.

Basically for the production of the new Superb engineers drew inspiration from The VisionC concept and the Volkswagen Passat B8. As far as engine lineup is concerend, so far we know that the new Super will be available with the same engine options as the new Passat.

Skoda Superb Sketch

Skoda Superb Sketch

Even though the new Superb is scheduled to make the official debut at the Geneva Motor Show is seems that producers decided to bring it one step closer to us.

So far the aspect of the car has been unveiled little by little as numerous news showing spy photos of it have been posted online. As far as design goes, the new Super has a sleeker rear end and a trunk capacity of 625 liters with the rear seats up and of 1,760 with rear seats down.

Not only the trunk of the car will be bigger, but passengers will also benefit from extra legroom due to an increase of 80mm in the wheelbase. As far as the interior goes it is all about class and it might be important to mention that Superk takes a little after Skoda Octavia.

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