Renault Sandero RS Spied

The new Renault Sandero RS has been spied. Recently images of the superb vehicle have been released in the Brazilian media for the joy of all Renault fans. As you might remember Sandero RS will only reach the markets in Latin America.

Motivation will be provied by a four-cylinder, 2.0-liter naturally aspirated engine taken from the BR-spec Duster. The Renault Sandero RS could have an ouput of 143 bhp (107 kW).

Renault Sandero RS

Renault Sandero RS

By far the most appealing thing about the new Renault is it’s aggressive body. The new RS comes with extended side skirts, roof-mounted spoiler, beefier bumpers, and black alloy wheels wrapped around in Continental tires. And impress list is far from being over as the car also has glossy black side mirror caps, rear disc brakes, blackened headlight and taillights clusters and a sportier exhaust tip.

On the inside of the car things look good too though work has not been finished yet. Body-hugging seats,a multi-tone look and a red leather-wrapped steering wheel come to offer the new Renalt Sandero RS a special look.

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