Ferrari Myth exhibition on display in Shanghai

Ferrari may be starting to be a little honest with the sort of marketing strategy they have going on for a few years if not decades now.

The Italians have treated the Chinese, specifically those in or nearby Shanghai to a special kind of exhibition of their products.

Ferrari Myth exhibition

Ferrari Myth exhibition

Not only does this exhibition showcase pretty much every one of their models, it also comes with a very special name, “Ferrari Myth”.

Whenever you see a video or a review you see the main character speak of some exclusive piece of metal that goes like hell and probably sounds like the devil as well.

There’s a long list of performance specs, there’s praise of the handling and there’s even some mention of interior quality with some of them.

Ferrari Myth exhibition

Ferrari Myth exhibition

Some of these ideas may fade with some of the models but there’s one thing you’ll constantly hear; the Ferrari magic – that’s something trickier to explain.

The Ferrari magic really is there. That special sentiment comes from the sense of fulfillment you get from driving a car that has been refined over decades and built by some of the finest craftsmen out there.

When you’re behind the wheel of something that feels like it’s at the top you can’t help but feel a little nostalgic over the history.

Ferrari Myth exhibition

Ferrari Myth exhibition

At least that’s the story. Trouble is, Ferrari’s biggest new market, China, has no idea about all of this stuff.

The Ferrari Myth exhibition is supposed to help the Chinese customers or enthusiasts understand this part of the brand’s appeal.

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