Here’s one very special Jaguar XJ

This is a very special Jaguar XJ, even though you can’t really tell at first glance since it looks like a very typical version of the car.

It isn’t though, this big cat is actually very special because of the job it recently got. The pictures may give you a hint.

Jaguar XJ Ring Taxi

Jaguar XJ Ring Taxi

This Jaguar XJ is the first “jaaaaaaag” to ever be a part of the British company’s ‘Ring taxi service. That’s short from Nurburgring taxi.

It’s a long way away from the traditional British cab we’re used to, but it’s certainly one I’d like to take a ride in.

Jaguar’s decision actually makes a bit of sense since they’ve been chasing BMW in modern times so intensely. Now they’ve gotten in on what’s one of the Bavarians signature traits.

Jaguar XJ Ring Taxi

Jaguar XJ Ring Taxi

This is no M5 we’re looking at however. The bigger, heavier, more comfortable Jaguar XJ competes with the 7 Series but offers a differently flavored sensation.

The performance and speed is still there if you’re to wish to frighten yourself in the passenger seat of one of these cars.

A Jaguar XJ fitted with the Sport and Speed Pack options may be comfortable but at 510 horsepower from a 5.0 liter supercharged V8, it will manage more than a proper run round the Green Hell.

Jaguar XJ Ring Taxi

Jaguar XJ Ring Taxi

There’s a top speed of 175 mph to consider, a 0 to 62 time of 4.9 seconds and then there’s the distinct rumble of 461 lb-ft of torque to consider.

Lovely though the Jaguar XJ at hand may be, it’s not really unique. Perhaps it could use some racing paint or a factory livery.

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